Saturday, June 21, 2008

The X Factor: How Google will kill ad networks -

The X Factor: How Google will kill ad networks - "The X Factor: How Google will kill ad networks
By Sean X Cummings
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Does Google's display strategy spell doom and gloom for ad networks?

OK, it's about time to think of something innovative for Google in SEM. Yes, Google now has universal search, but essentially the basic look of its results page hasn't fundamentally changed in 10 years.

Worse, the capabilities for advertisers to reach their consumers on that results page is about as dynamic and rich as, well, a rock. The only thing a rock is good for is throwing at someone. Maybe someone should throw a rock at those ads on the right side of Google’s search results page.

Outside of search Google does provide a variety of ever-expanding options to reach consumers through the company's various print, radio, even TV extensions. In many ways, Google is a media vulture circling every consumer advertising touchpoint it can. But on its main product an advertiser only gets limited characters to work with. Google may have the touchpoints, but what that message looks like is often very important, and what search ads look like make my eyes bleed. Google may get your message in front of consumers, but do we really want to exist in a world where it dictates the creative lens to our consumers?"

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