Wanted to let you guys know about a new script that launched last week. If you are datafeed affiliate OR have wanted to use the CJ API but don’t know how OR you simply want a fast, easy way to build a niche store filled with thousands of products - then take a peek.

With the Affiliate Mashup Store you can quickly build a niche store by pulling unlimited products from CJ using the CJ API. (No more messy datafeeds) The script also has keyword-targeted Youtube and Ebay integration. Additionally you can add static pages for articles or other info to create unique content, spider food and to increase relevancy.

Everyone is familiar with the BANS (Build a Niche Store) concept, right? You build a store based on keywords you select and it pulls from relevant eBay auctions. Well now you can do the same thing, but get a % of the full retail price from CJ merchants, instead of only getting a % of eBay’s auction fee. Plus many CJ merchants have 90 or 120 days cookies compared to eBay’s 7 day cookie.

Other features I like about Affiliate Mashup Store:

.: Self hosted on your server - You get full CJ commission

.: No ongoing fees - Unlimited number of stores

.: Pulls special offers - creates a specials page on your site for bargain shoppers

.: Includes several basic templates but is fairly easy to customize

.: Automatically pulls site searches & creates a popular searches KW list (great spider food based on user generated searches for hot products you may not even know about.) (more…)