Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Anatomy of a Conversion Path

The Anatomy of a Conversion Path: "The Anatomy of a Conversion Path
By Anna Talerico
The key to segmentation and subsegmentation is that each click pays off with a page that’s relevant to the respondent.

Flexible and targeted, conversion paths allow you to segment, qualify and convert your online respondents from paid search, display, email and other sources of paid and unpaid web traffic.

Let’s kick off the anatomy lesson by defining what we mean by “conversion path.” A conversion path is a conversion-focused, linear landing experience, specifically designed to catch and convert incoming traffic from your online marketing campaigns. Conversion paths live outside of the structure of a company’s main site, and are typically used in place of landing pages, microsites or deep links to improve conversion rates, lead quality and overall marketing intelligence for your respondents and traffic sources.

Conversion paths move respondents from landing through conversion, using simple or complex branching experiences. Conversion paths comprise a series of connected pages:

1. Segmentation
2. Offer or pitch
3. Thank you

The graphic above shows a simple conversion path flow of landing pages, where segmentation is represented by A and B, and subsegmentation represented by A1/A2 and B1/B2.
It All Starts With Segmentation

A conversion path always starts with"

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