Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Research (Coming Soon)


June 3rd, 2008 by Peter Figueredo

It has been way way too long since I have posted to Revenews and it feels great to be back.

Those of you in the affiliate marketing community will agree that research data on our industry is scarce. There are a few good sources for affiliate data such as:

However, most of these studies are from the advertiser/merchant perspective, not the affiliate/publisher. This is the reason that NETexponent has decided to launch our own affiliate marketing research study. We recently sent an email to a select group of affiliates in our proprietary database asking for their input. These few thousand affiliates/publishers have the chance to provide their feedback in exchange for a copy of the survey results.

I would like to also invite readers of this blog, who are affiliates/publishers, to fill out this short (26 question) survey and provide us with your thoughts. In exchange for a few minutes of your time we will send you a copy of the survey results.

The goal of our survey is to give the affiliate community a clearer understanding of:

  • How best to communicate with affiliates
  • What tools and information affiliates crave
  • Better understanding of who affiliates are and what challenges they face

NOTE TO AFFILIATES: NETexponent respects the privacy of affiliates and only aggregate information will be shared. If you are not familiar with us then please read what other affiliates have to say.

I greatly appreciate your time and input…and so will the rest of the affiliate community!

Thanks for listening

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