Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't Let Loyal Customers Slip Away -

Don't Let Loyal Customers Slip Away - "The pressures of a slowing economy can cause even loyal customers of a business to shop around for better deals. That can be a huge blow to a small business when cash flow is probably already lean and new business can be tough to bring in.

Besides, it's well worth taking special care of regular customers and to make sure they are satisfied. 'It can cost up to 10 times more to land a new customer than to keep an existing one,' according to the marketing and customer relations newsletter fuelNet Monthly, a regular contributor to Kiplinger Recommends.

In it's monthly '9 1/2 Ways' column, the newsletter spells out strategies for not just keeping customers content but making sure you know when something goes wrong and that your staff knows how to put a premium on customer service and satisfaction. One suggestion is to survey staff regularly to make sure they understand customer service standards and policy. Another is to hold weekly staff meetings to teach specific customer care issues, such as dealing with an angry and frustrated customer"

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