Friday, June 20, 2008

Business Eight building-blocks of teams

The Hindu News Update Service: "Business
Eight building-blocks of teams


Chennai: One of the distinguishing features of leaders is their strong personal motivation and high levels of energy and enthusiasm, says Enda Larkin in ‘Ready to Lead?’ (

“Some people start thinking about work when they clock in, or after their first coffee; others think about finishing the working day before they even start it. Not you as a leader,” he distinguishes. As leader, you should begin to focus on work from the minute you start to get ready in the morning, emphasises Larkin.

This does not mean that you will turn into a nerd, or become obsessed about it, he clarifies. “Just that you will make sure to get the simple things right like your appearance and arrive at work mentally prepared for the day. You should also consider your personal health and fitness, because this will contribute to your energy levels at work.”

For, it is through a leader’s motivation, energy, and enthusiasm that he or she will really achieve things; the leader sets the example, which positively impacts those around. The opposite also holds true, the author cautions. “So, don’t be the dark cloud that enters the office every day!”

Another essential leadership quality discussed in the book is approachability. Managers often make statements"

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