Friday, June 20, 2008

Internet Retailer 2008 Live Blogging + Commentary Digest | Get Elastic

Internet Retailer 2008 Live Blogging + Commentary Digest | Get Elastic: "Internet Retailer 2008 Live Blogging + Commentary Digest
Posted June 13, 2008 by Linda Bustos / AddThis Social Bookmark Button

This week’s Blogger’s Digest is a bit different…

Jason Billingsley and I were in Chicago this week for Internet Retailer’s Conference and Exhibition meeting e-tailers, giving site reviews to Get Elastic readers and conducting video-podcast interviews with other ecommerce vendors. I thought it’d be fitting to do a roundup of blog reactions to the conference:

* 2008’s Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide was released this week, and Shawn Collins blogs about Commission Junction’s popularity among the top e-tailers. The affiliate network boasts 53% of the top 500, including Apple, Best Buy, Dell, HP, Newegg, and QVC. The new list is available here: Internet Retailer Top 500 List 2008.

* CSE Strategies’ Scot Wingo was shocked by Monday’s affiliate marketing workshop’s negativity about affiliate marketing instead of tips for how to maximize your affiliate program’s performance. George Michie from the Rimm-Kaufmann Group gives a rationale why the panel decided to focus on the terms and conditions issues for the session - all the panelists felt it was an important issue. You could argue that identifying affiliate chea"

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