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Performance Marketing Alliance

Performance Marketing Alliance: "Getting this association started
Jun 13th, 2007 in Board of Directors, Discovery, Formation discussions, Organizational structure, Surveys, The FAB

The challenge with starting an association is to balance representation of the entire community with taking action on steps that get the formation underway. How long do we take input before we start making decisions? And who makes those decisions? Is it reasonable to have the entire community participate in the effort to organize an association? If we have a smaller group of decision makers, will they represent the perspectives of the community at large?

Realistically speaking, we need to rely on a relatively small group of people to determine how to form this organization. If the group is too large, we’ll debate various aspects until everyone has lost their enthusiasm and this thing will die before it has started. However, this small group of people needs to represent the many interests of the performance marketing community.

So here’s our plan, which allows input from the community at large, and expedites the formation of the organization by keeping decision making to a small but representative group of people:

Discovery efforts are underway. I have interviewed over 40 industry leaders to get their thoughts and ideas on starting an association. Links to surveys are available on this blog for any and all performance m"

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