Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Many Forms of Online Marketing

I thought that a summarized list of The Many Forms of Online Marketing 2008 that was put together by a Forrester analyst might be helpful for us to have. Not sure we'd fully agree with where he's bucketed each, but it's a good list. Most of these are already or are increasingly becoming pay-for-performance models. Check out the descriptions of each here:

Corporate Domain
· Corporate Site
· Portal Strategy
· Micro Sites for segmentation
· Interactive Web Marketing
· Intranet
· Extranet
· Regionalisation
Search Marketing
· Search Engine Optimisation
· Search Engine Marketing
Out bound and Syndicated Web Marketing
· Email marketing
· Invasive Marketing
· Syndicated Content and RSS
Brand Extension
· Web Advertising
· Contextual Advertising
· Sponsorship and Cross Branding
· Social Advertisements
· Widget Advertising
· Affiliate Marketing
Community Marketing and Social Media Marketing
· eCommerce / Rating Sites
· Social Networking, forums, wikis, collaboration
· Syndicated marketing
· Podcast marketing
· Blogging
· Widget marketing
· Online video and live streaming
· Instant messaging, presence
· Tagging, collective tools
· Voting features
· Micro media
· Infinite other flavours
Virtual Worlds
· Virtual Worlds
· Online Massively Multiplayer Games (OMMG/OMMRPG)
· Online Games
Related Mediums
· Internet TV (IPTV)
· Mobile content
Experimental: To watch
· Portability of the Social Graph
· Vendor Relationship Management

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