Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review MarketLeverage Affiliate Network | Pay Per Click & Affiliate Marketing

Review MarketLeverage Affiliate Network | Pay Per Click & Affiliate Marketing:

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Review MarketLeverage Affiliate Network

December 11, 2008 by Christoph
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I am expanding the number of affiliate networks I am using and so I joined MarketLeverage about 5 months or so (?) ago. Marketleverage is a newer affiliate network that broke into the market with a lot of advertising on affiliate blogs this year. Initially I ignored them for a bit as I was still expanding my affiliate efforts and did not want to spread out to thin, but then reversed my opinion due to the need for some specific offers they had.

The thing I really like about Marketleverage is the communication. My affiliate manager Chelsea is very pro-active in letting me know about things and always responds quickly and detailed if I have questions. Their website is easy to navigate and the email notifications I am getting are very helpful in finding good offers. I especially like the Top 20 list inside my account web pages as it provides data on the top products on their network. Payouts are usually on the upper side of things and often beat what other networks offer.

Unfortunately I am not running too many things with them at the moment as the main offer I was upon, was retired and taken down. Still"

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