Sunday, December 28, 2008

PMA mission statement and first year objectives

PMA mission statement and first year objectives

Performance Marketing Alliance

The Scope working group has finalized the PMA mission statement and our objectives for the first year.

PMA Mission

The Performance Marketing Alliance is the not for profit, trade association for the performance marketing industry. Our core objective is to be a catalyst for industry growth by promoting best practices, establishing guidelines and standards, and increasing awareness of the effectiveness of performance marketing.

Initial PMA Scope

· Drive membership
· Publish best practices and standards
· Coalesce issues facing the industry
· Coordinate advocacy efforts

Congratulations to Beth Kirsch and the members of the Scope group, in coming up with a concise and meaningful mission statement. The message is also well contained, and yet flexible enough to allow our future members to shape the PMA. Us marketers all know how hard that can be!

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