Thursday, December 18, 2008

21 of the Best WordPress Plugins for New Blogs

21 of the Best WordPress Plugins for New Blogs: "Monday, December 15th, 2008 by Andy Beal

21 of the Best WordPress Plugins for New Blogs

I have a confession to make. I’ve been holding out on you.

As someone that preaches being Radically Transparent, I’ve not been very forthcoming with the list of WordPress plugins we use on Marketing Pilgrim. By keeping them a big secret, I shamelessly thought I’d keep an advantage over competing blogs.

Well, no more! Consider this my Christmas present to you all. Enjoy!
Ad Rotator - rotate ads anywhere on your site

This is actually the newest plugin added to Marketing Pilgrim. It allows me to set up simple text files with multiple ads in each. I then reference the text files anywhere in the blog template and the plugin will rotate between the ads found in the text file. Before using this plugin, I could only offer advertisers the option to manually switch out ad creatives every 2-4 weeks.
Akismet - best comment spam filter ever!

This should already be installed for your WordPress blog, but you may need to activate it. It’s secret? It aggregates information from all Akismet users–which means it will block you from a spammer, even if they’ve never commented on your site before. The only downside? Sometime it produces false-positives, resulting in legit comments heading to spam-jail.
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