Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DoubleClick Goes High-Def in Bid for Consumers’ Attention

ADOTAS — The novelty of online ads has worn off – and companies are looking for new ways to capture Americans’ scattered attention. Digital advertising company DoubleClick is betting our fascination with technology may lure us back to the fold; today, the company announced a new HD video feature that will allow advertisers to create and deliver the kind of sharp, HD images consumers have come to expect in other mediums online.

The ads will be supported by DoubleClick Rich Media enabled HD Video and the latest Adobe Flash technology, which will simultaneously boost video performance and tamp down unwieldy video file sizes, the company says.

This latest ad coup allows consumers to launch full-screen HD videos from banner ad units – without sacrificing quality or long download times.

“While video has proven itself as an effective form of online advertising, advertisers have had to sacrifice video quality to use the medium,” said Ari Paparo, vice president of advertiser solutions at DoubleClick. “This new feature, powered by Adobe Flash technology, gave Epson the ability to showcase their brand in the highest quality available and maximize the effectiveness of rich media ad campaigns with eye-popping video.”

Epson is the first company to implement DoubleClick Rich Media with HD Video as part of its whimsical “Epsonality” ad campaign, created by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.

“Throughout this campaign, we aimed to present Epson printers with a human touch and personality. DoubleClick Rich Media with HD Video was exactly the type of solution that helped us achieve our goal,” said Jordan Kretchmer, associate creative director at BSSP. “HD Video lets us deliver our creative in a way that reflects the high quality of Epson products. Consumers aren’t used to seeing such pristine video online, so we expect the new HD technology to capture peoples’ attention like a standard video unit never could.”

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