Tuesday, February 5, 2008

AOL Buys Widget's Goowy Media

Staying with widgets, AOL has paid an undisclosed amount for San Diego-based Goowy Media. Founded in 2004, Goowy Media was build by Alex Bard, Gary Benitt and Jeremy Suriel and Sashi Bommakany. Goowy currently has two products in production, the Goowy Webtop and
the yourMinis Widget Platform.

The goowy webtop is a set of integrated tools for communicating and sharing, including email, contacts, calendar, file storage, integrated instant messaging, and games.

Yourminis is a personalized dashboard of widgets that let users get information and
features from across the web in one place. Users can configure Minis to see their email,
check the weather, watch Youtube videos, search the web, browse flickr photos, read
news and RSS feeds, save notes & to dos, listen to music, etc.

AOL had worked with Goowy to provide original widgets for myAOL. However, the company's
specified that Goowy would be folded into AOL's online advertising unit called Project A.

Read on... - http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001R7dU3cVOvKtEPRZ-pxl_SCx_RGUX-hlAG5tnCraI5Z9t7qVHMrDSBzTnuTM5tE-A3GmHNw_FED4UinyE4x_ymsSP0H3ePQ3o5cVWLO6UXMeo8C6DG6KNvzKmXdAIyS5nxFBRz4toDkBxNlQDZ4qJrpnW2SahcBQJqxJwbKL2ZQ0I_-RVY52xclL9YXbatvgaC76qyfpo0HQ=

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