Sunday, December 9, 2007

MediaTrust ALERT:Advaliant: A Top Notch Affiliate Network!

I recently signed up with Advaliant. They are a relatively new affiliate network, however are quickly becoming one of the best around. They also recently won “Best affiliate marketing campaign 2007″ from ad:tech. Read about that here.

From the week or so I have been with them, I could not have been more impressed with the overall service and support from my AM. I have never had so much help from an affiliate manager in my life, and it is an extreme relief knowing I have that kind of help. I have sent barely any traffic to them, and they are still happy to help me out with anything I need.

One of the main reasons I like them is their tracking system they have. To tell you the truth, I like DirectTrack. I don’t know why, but I really really like it. That was something I looked for when signing up for an affiliate network, if they use DirectTrack or not. However, their tracking system is great. No problems what so ever with it! They have some really great offers, and a few exclusives. It seems like they shy away from the email/zip submit offers, which I don’t mind because I never run them anyways. Weekly emails with the top performing offers, along with their epc’s is also a huge help and something I think I am going to start to look forward to.

If you want amazing service, support, and great offers, sign up with Advaliant, you will not be disappointed!

Happy Friday everyone!

2 Responses to “Advaliant: A Top Notch Affiliate Network!”

  1. Bernard thank you for the great feed back regarding our advaliant affliate division of MediaTrust. We work hard to create a very proactive partner experience when you become a member of our family. Our culture is created around empowering our partner affliates and advertisers with the best technology and having a living dialog that allows us to listen and react to our partners needs with unique offers or customized solutions.
    Stay tuned for the new highly disruptive platform we are launching in Q1 that is the ultimate hybrid system with transparency, custom modular tools sets and a new robust tracking system.
    We welcome your and the communities in put and feed back so that we can better service our valued partners.

    Peter Bordes

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