Sunday, January 4, 2009

eComXpo 2009

eComXpo 2009

What? eComXpo is the virtual conference & job fair for affiliate, search, and interactive marketers

Why? All the benefits of a top tradeshow from the convenience of your office or home

Who? 8,000+ advertisers, publishers, affiliates, agencies, merchants, networks and search marketers

When? Our 8th event will be held January 28-29, 2009, followed by a 90 day archive

How? Learn about exhibiting, sponsoring, speaking or attending right here on this website

How much? Attending the show is free! Exhibit for as little as $1,995 with no other expenses.

Top reasons why you should attend the show:

  • 100% Online and Virtual
  • Free to Attend
  • All the Benefits of a Top Tradeshow
  • Includes 1st ever Virtual Job Fair
  • More than 8,000+ Attendees, 150 Exhibitors and 30 Presenters
  • 100+ Archived Presentations at eComXpo University
  • An easy, quick way to keep up with this rapidly evolving marketplace including email, search, affiliate, regulatory, branding, advertising, and technology trends and challenges.

At eComXpo Discuss And Learn About:

  • Collaborative Efforts To Police Bad Practices, Move Towards Standardization, Self Governance And Self Regulation
  • Driving Efficient Sales And Leads In A Weakening Economy
  • Incrementality And New Customer Acquisition Through Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Increasing Conversions And Generating Greater Traffic Through Web Content Optimization
  • Leveraging Social And Mobile Media For Maximizing Profitability From Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts
  • Best Practices For Affiliate And Search Marketing To Work Together
  • Best Practices To Help Increase Your Organic Search Rankings And Utilize Search Engine Optimization To Drive Sales

Featured speakers sharing their insights:

Joe Pulizzi
Founder & Chief Content Officer

Jeff Molander
Co-editor, Paying for Performance and CEO
Molander & Assoc. Inc.

Scott Bilker
Rebecca Madigan
Founding Organizer
Performance Marketing Alliance
Ned Farra
Affiliate Program Manager
Carsten Cumbrowski
Internet Marketer & Blogger

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