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Reply! Inc. was founded in 2001 by a veteran team of Internet entrepreneurs as a lead generation and performance-based online marketing company. In 1994, this same team established the first online car buying service——and in 1999 took that company public.

Today we have over 10,000 clients for whom we generate leads in the automotive, real estate, mortgage, and insurance industries.

We see a tremendous opportunity in the evolution from CPM to CPC to Cost-Per-Lead marketing. Clearly, an intentful consumer who has provided a phone number and requested to be contacted by a local service provider (such as a real estate agent or an auto dealer) is significantly more valuable to the average online advertiser than either an impression or a click on a website.

In March of 2008, Reply! will launch a new platform that will make the process of buying a lead as efficient as it is today for an advertiser to buy clicks through Google or Yahoo. We believe it is time that advertisers go beyond the click and pay only for measurable results. That has always been the promise of online marketing, and we look forward to making that promise a reality for a larger number of advertisers on the web.

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