Thursday, November 6, 2008

OnlyWire: The Only BookMarklet You'll Ever Need!

OnlyWire: The Only BookMarklet You'll Ever Need!: "The Only BookMarklet You'll Ever Need!
Efficient - Fast - Easy - Secure - Free
Use One 'Bookmarklet' for all these services:

* Backflip
* Bibsonomy
* Blinklist
* Blue Dot
* BookmarkSync
* Connotea
* Diigo
* Furl
* Google Bookmarks
* Jumptags
* linkatopia
* Linkroll
* ma.gnolia
* MyWebYahoo
* Simpy
* Spurl
* Twitter

Do you use multiple social bookmarking services? Tired of having multiple shortcuts? Here is a simple free solution.

Do you own a Blog or Website?
Add a 'Add to Onlywire' link on your site

What Others are saying about Onlywire:

'OnlyWire is a refreshing change in the realm of bookmarking... ...the most useful site of the bunch'
'OnlyWire is great! It is one of my Must-Have blogging tools now!'
'Click to create an account or submit this page to OnlyWire. Yes! It is literally that simple'
'Mother of all Bookmarks'
'Onlywire really beefs up product'

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Ryan Rouland said...

great write up. thanks!