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US Hispanic Media Usage - eMarketer

US Hispanic Media Usage - eMarketer: "US Hispanic Media Usage

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According to Advertising Age, to reach Hispanic consumers, last year advertisers spent 64% of their media budgets on Spanish-language broadcast and cable TV networks, while Internet display ads garnered less than 5%.

The US Hispanic Media Usage report dissects the question of why advertising dollars have been so slow to follow Hispanic eyeballs online.

Hispanic consumers under the age of 35 are spending more time online than watching TV—and are often doing both at the same time.

In general, Hispanics are heavy users of all digital media, embracing innovations more rapidly than non-Hispanic whites.

Yet Hispanic-targeted ad dollars remain locked in TV budgets. Why?

US Hispanic Advertising Spending, by Media, 2007 (millions and % of total)

Key questions the “US Hispanic Media Usage” report answers:

* How much time do Hispanics spend online in relation to other media?
* How do Hispanics multitask among media?
* What types of digital media do Hispanics consume?
* What does the “Hispanic digital home” look like?
* What do Spanish-speaking Hispanics do online?
* Why is it so hard to measure ad spending targeted to this audience?
* And many others…


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