Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Economy Gives Web Coupons a Boost

AUGUST 5, 2008

Users willing to trade e-mail addresses for $2

The Internet is now the leading source of coupons for printable coupon users in the US, according to newly released data from a Simmons Market Research Bureau study sponsored by Coupons, Inc.

Nearly eight out of 10 printable coupon users said the Internet was one of the main places they went for coupons, while only 73.5% named newspapers as a top source. "Printable coupons" are just that: online coupons that may be printed out and redeemed in-store, as opposed to coupon codes intended for online use.

Among all consumers—not just printable coupon users—the Sunday newspaper is still the top coupon source, according to a July 2008 survey by Scarborough Research. The company said 53% of households usually found their coupons there, while 11% normally went to the Internet.

Coupons are a strong incentive, according to the Coupons, Inc. study. Nearly two-thirds of printable coupon users said they would disclose their e-mail address for a coupon worth $1, and more than three-quarters said they would give their e-mail address for a $2 coupon.

Consumers may be using coupons in part to maintain their brand preferences during the economic slowdown. More than six out of 10 coupon searches in June 2008 were for specific brands, according to Hitwise data.

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