Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How-To: Using Twitter to Build Brand Integrity - MarketingVOX

How-To: Using Twitter to Build Brand Integrity - MarketingVOX: "How-To: Using Twitter to Build Brand Integrity

Use it wisely

Enterprise blogging has been lauded for its ability to 'humanize' a company and make distant executives feel available to ground-floor customers. Twitter can serve the same purpose much more quickly.

Twitter spearheads the 'microblogging' trend, where people air thoughts and share information in real-time while observing a 140-character limit. Here are tips for getting the most out of it:

Subscribe generously. Twitter is among the only social media brands where the subscriber:subscribed ratio is reversed. Most users follow a higher number of people than the number following them.

Don't just be casual; be personal. Enterprise blogging works best when a blogger is frank about what's happening in his company. But it is generally understood that the blogger will not discuss his personal life.

On Twitter, people expect to learn about you. Only then will they care about your company. The CEO of Zappos generated a sizable following for taking this philosophy to heart. He addresses Zappos employees and Zappos issues, but he also shares the things he saw while walking to the airport.

Be responsive. When you address the CEO of Zappos, he replies to you. The sense you 'know' him contributes to goodwill surrounding the brand,"

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