Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top 50 Web Rankings: Affiliate Networks

Now is the time to join a reputable, high-paying affiliate network. The longer the recession looms, the more individuals and businesses will be turning to online sources of revenue. And that means more opportunities for merchants and affiliates alike. There are millions of affiliate marketers working online right now and millions more will be coming online soon.

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Affiliate marketing features few if any start-up costs, low barriers to entry, and carries with it the potential for extraordinarily high payouts. Aspiring Web publishers might have the ease of contextual programs like Google’s AdSense, or the hundreds of possible alternatives, but most will ultimately turn to more customizable options.

But do not delay. The only thing you have to fear is...less revenue. This edition of Website Magazine features 50 of the top affiliate networks on the Internet. Readers are sure to be familiar with many of those listed (either using them currently or having done so in the past) or were exposed to them through the routine course of running a Web business. If the affiliate network you use is absent from this list, fear not; what is really important is the trustworthiness of the network (whether they pay, and pay on time) and the number and quality of merchants and their offers.

As an aside, Website Magazine intentionally left out two heavy hitters in the world of affiliate marketing; Google (and the Google Affiliate Network) and Amazon (Amazon Associates). There are few programs that match these offerings in industry momentum, mindshare and reach. These programs may rule, but it doesn’t mean they’re right for you. You might also notice the absence of contextual networks, PPC search engine ad networks and MLM programs. While there may be a place for those somewhere on a list of ways to generate website revenue, we’ve included only pure-play, first tier affiliate networks — those that cater to both merchants and publishers.

Research for this report comes courtesy of Ranking.com, the Web’s largest provider of website popularity metrics and detailed website information on more than one million Internet destinations. To suggest a Top50 category for consideration in upcoming issues of Website Magazine, please visit us online or e-mail Top50@websitemagazine.com.

1. ClickBooth.com
2. OurFreeStuff.net
3. Copeac.com
4. XY7.com
5. RevenueLoop.com
6. CJ.com

7. ClickBank.com
8. FriendFinder.com
9. ShareaSale.com

10. Zanox.com
11. Fluxads.com
12. LinkShare.com
13. Axill.com
14. TradeDoubler.com
15. AffiliateFuture.co.uk
16. HydraNetwork.com

17. AdsMarket.com
18. Advaliant.com
19. WebGains.com
20. InstantDollarz.com
21. MarketLeverage.com
22. PantheraNetwork.com
23. LevelClick.com
24. aZoogleAds.com
25. DirectLeads.com
26. MaxBounty.com

27. MotiveInteractive.com
28. ROIrocket.com
29. ShareResults.com
30. PlatinumPartner.com
31. Rextopia.com
32. IronOffers.com
33. ClickXChange.com
34. LeaderMarkets.com
35. MarketHealth.com
36. TriadMediaNetwork.com
37. OfferWeb.com
38. ClixGalore.com
39. Convert2Media.com
40. PepperJamNetwork.com

41. iLogins.com
42. PrimaryAds.com
43. CandadianSponsors.com
44. Affiliateer.com
45. AffiliateWindow.com
46. LogicalMedia.com
47. AffiliateFuel.com
48. MoreNiche.com
49. Affiliatebot.com
50. LinkConnector.com

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